Open every day from 9:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Artisanal butter making workshops will begin on June 22, 2024. Welcome everyone!
Julien - Dans la peau du fromager

Museum of the old Perron cheese factory

In the shoes of the cheesemaker

The visitor will go through a real life experience as he is invited to make his own cheese and in discovering the history of an old worldly known cheese-dairy. Our type of visit is unique in Canada, and our participatory approach enables the visitors to live a memorable experience.

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Musée de la vieille fromagerie


The Old Perron Cheese Making Factory

The Old Perron Cheese Making Factory - Musée de la Vieille Fromagerie Perron

Discover ancient methods of Cheddar cheese production.


The Cheesemaker’s House

The Cheesemaker’s House - Musée de la Vieille Fromagerie Perron

Visit the old house of the cheesemaker and his family above the old cheesemaking factory.


Cheese tasting

Cheese tasting - Musée de la Vieille Fromagerie Perron

Discover the smell, texture, and taste of four varieties of Perron cheese.

The Perron Cheesemaking Factory at the end of the 19th Century

Designed and equipped according to the government standards at the time, La vieille fromagerie Perron was put up in 1895 by Adélard Perron. In 1897, there were more than 1,266 artisanal cheese dairies in Québec. Today, it is the only representative of these old cheese dairies which occupied the countryside.

By it's unique caracter and historical values, it was classified as exceptionnal historical monument in october 1989 by the ministère de la Culture du Québec.

Discover the history

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The museum will open for group bookings of 10 people or more, offering a guided visit, cheese tasting, and butter making workshop. Contact us to find out more!

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Le 10 janvier 2024, la Corporation de La vieille fromagerie Perron tiendra son assemblée générale annuelle, où il y a aura dépôt des états financiers, du rapport annuel d’opération et l’élection des administrateurs

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